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3d memo pad
omoshiroi block

3D Memo Pad - Omoshiroi Block

Elevate Your Note Taking Experience with Omoshiroi: Unveiling the Artistry of 3D Memo Pads

Welcome to Omoshiroi Calender 3D MemoPad Store, your gateway to a revolutionary note-taking experience! Explore the world of creativity and innovation with our unique 3D memo pads, meticulously crafted to transform ordinary note-taking into an artistic journey.

3d memo pad

Perfect Decoration with 3D Notepad

As a convenient office article for daily use, It’s not only a 3d memo pad but also an artistic ornament, the small size will not take up too much office space for you, suitable for many occasions such as indoors or inside for display!

omoshiroi calendar

3D Memo Pad – Pen Holder Function

Omoshiroi Block can be used as a pen holder, sticky notes and bookmarks. 3D NotePad will be more vivid and charming, and tearing off sticky notes is also a way to relax and decompress.

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Omoshiroi Block Material

Using laser engraving, the texture is clear, high-quality special paper, harmless to the human body and health, the paper card has different elements: birds, saplings, etc.

Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad| Product Showcase

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Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad

The Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad is a fascinating example of functional design, employing laser-cutting technology to create what initially appears to be a simple square cube of paper note cards. 

However, as you start using the note cards, a hidden object slowly reveals itself, making it an engaging and unique experience. To fully uncover the hidden object, you’ll need to exhaust the entire deck of cards!

The name “Omoshiroi” adds a subtle touch of intrigue, as it means “interesting,” “funny,” or “amusing” in Japanese, depending on how it is used or understood. The Omoshiroi Block 3D Memo Pad features a range of distinctive architectural styles, including the Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto and the iconic Tokyo Tower. The designs showcase various perspectives of these buildings, along with traditional cherry blossoms and blooming koi fish, adding a peaceful and aesthetic touch to any office décor.

Without a doubt, this 3D Memo Pad would make an excellent gift to brighten someone’s day, especially for those who appreciate architecture and enjoy unique and engaging stationery items.

omoshiroi block
3d memo pad


The Tokyo™ Collection is composed of over **100 sheets of paper** and each sheet is different from the next in the same way that individual moments stack up together **to form a memory.**


Finish all the sheets of this note pad to reveal a stunning cutting-edge laser-cut paper sculptures.


Add these notable Japanese landmarks to your home office or office job to turn your work place into your dojo.


Each of our Omoshiroi Blocks is encased in advanced acrylic assuring the stunning sculptures are safely delivered to you.

Harry Potter Memo Pad

Harry Potter fans realize that Hogwarts Castle consistently seems like a demolished structure according to muggle individuals. Also, regardless of whether you are a Muggle or a Witch, we would now be able to see this radiant palace with the Omoshiroi Block update cushion. As each page was detached and utilized, Hogwarts Castle would continuously show up along the rear of the stack. At the point when every one of the pages are out, a reproduction of the witch’s school is completely uncovered, prepared for you to show on a table or rack. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or usually known as Hogwarts is an anecdotal sorcery school in the Harry Potter series by British essayist J. K. Rowling. This is the fundamental setting of the initial six volumes in the Harry Potter series of witches. The Model is produced using paper Remove the update sheets to make the model show up. Being utilized for Paperweight, Office Decor, Pen Holder, Memo Pad

Multi-intermittent and multi-practical uses make this notice cushion more important. Everybody is an entertainer. Simply partake in the process that standard notice cushion continuously transforms into a palace during your detaching pages. Turning on the lights of notes around evening time will make the palace more striking. There is a pen holder on the top for putting a pen, so you could utilize update notes advantageously whenever.

Perfect Reminder

Will you at times fail to remember something significant? At the point when you need a suggestion to allow you to recollect those significant issues, this cushion could assume a critical part for you. Simply record the data on the torn note and put it on the work area to remind you what to do straightaway, so your life or working could be done in an all the more systematic manner.

Special Gifts

As a helpful office article for every day use, this Harry Potter memo pad is totally handcrafted. Its capacity is hanging tight for your finding. It will be certainly an interesting and down to earth blessing when shipped off your family, companions or colleague since it’s difficult represents shock yet your insightful decision .

Unveiling The Mystery

Harry Potter memo pad omoshiroi calender will give you limitless creative mind. At the absolute initially starting, it’s anything but a common square notice cushion. At the point when you remove the notes piece by piece, the insider facts taken cover behind the papers will be found step by step. Furthermore, you will be astounded at the craftsmanship and creation on this special notice cushion.

Best Decoration

After occupied work and study, we need appropriate unwinding and rest. At the point when you see a particular enchantment palace on your work area, you will have an extraordinarily creative mind and this reminder cushion will show you the secret of the supernatural world.

An OMOSHIROI block” is an intriguing, ingenious paper block.The block looks like an ordinary paper memo pad but the sheets are laser-cut in certain areas. Each time a sheet is pulled for use, more and more of the cleverly hidden design is revealed. The end result, in this particular block, is a stunning, intricate Japanese temple. And it’s no wonder — OMOSHIROI is made by TRIAD Inc. of Japan, whose main line of business is producing detailed architectural models.

3d Notepad

Japan is known as the country of the smallest details, meticulousness and sophistication. And one of the outstanding features of Japan is the art of origami – maybe from a simple flat sheet of paper built up to a real 3D world. But you will be even more surprised with what the Japanese can create with paper. Most recently, it was the 3d memo pad. Omoshiroi  can be translated as “funny block” or “funny memo” as its function is a sticky note with many different colors for users to write notes, notes and reminders. Job reminders up there

There is such a “heavenly” price for a pad of memo pad because of the amazing magic and beauty hidden inside this Omoshiroi . Produced by Omoshiroi LTD, whose main business is the production of architectural models, 3d memo pads uses laser cutting technology to create what was originally just an ordinary square block of cards. paper notes.

But when the sticky notes were used and taken apart, a different building emerged from those cuts. These flashcards consist of more than 100 sheets of paper and each sheet of paper is stacked, like layers by small layers to form a beautiful, real-looking, meticulous, delicate paper-based architecture.

Variety of beautiful Omoshiroi Blocks memory paper patterns Omoshiroi Blocks has a wide variety of choices for both color and themes inside, from notable architectural sites in Japan such as Kyoto’s Kiyomizudera Temple, Tokyo’s Asakusa Shrine, Tokyo Tower, or more familiar, popular topics such as piano, piano, camera, car or even streets, neighborhoods, etc. Simply put, Omoshiroi Block is just a trivial pad. But it is the simple memo pad that will initially become an extremely special work of art that we did not expect. With the meticulousness and precision in each cut, you will admire each piece of art that gradually appears after each paper is torn off.

Contrary to its small size, Omoshiroi Block has a price that is not small. On average, a pad of Omoshiroi Block will cost around $ 80. It will be difficult to find a lower price except for promotions. The main reason for the high cost of these Omoshiroi  papers is the complexity of the manufacturing process. Compared to Origami, which is already very famous in Japan, requires a lot of creativity and design, Omoshiroi Block has a much stricter requirement. You will also know how difficult it is to bring an entire paper model into a Memo Pad, without affecting the appearance, as well as making sure the sheets remain together until use. Producing a stack of Omoshiroi Block paper requires a very high level of dexterity, as well as accuracy of each process. This is the reason why the price of Omoshiroi Block is always much higher than other types. You will always have to think twice between using this pad to get a great piece soon, or keeping it because it’s quite expensive.

But rest assured, as soon as you see the gradually appearing artworks, you will find that the money you spend is completely worth it.

As a sophisticated and expensive item, nothing is more suitable for the Omoshiroi Block when used as a decoration or as a gift.

You can use Omoshiroi Block as a gift of value and luxury for business partners, colleagues, or the kids in the house who have not had the opportunity to go and see many parts of the world.

For adults: In addition to its value as a pad, Omoshiroi Block can also act as a paperclip, or a pen box, which is quite essential for an office job or for an entrepreneur. The shape of Omoshiroi Block will make your office look much better

With children: What is more wonderful than seeing beautiful landscapes every day even without having to visit them. Especially in the present time when travel is not feasible. A beautiful study corner will help children feel much happier.

When you buy Omoshiroi Block, you will have the opportunity to access many special models. We have classified a number of groups so that you can better understand and choose easily:

Building Omoshiroi Block: This is the first basic product group produced by us. With the shape not only based on famous landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe, the Tokyo Tower, the Great Wall, the Imperial Crane, and Kyoto Temple, we also create a number of other models based on famous works such as Harry Potter, Spirited Away, or the role models are familiar to everyone such as tree house or pattern of small streets. Whatever your choice, they will all satisfy your needs

Movie Character Omoshiroi Block: As of now, you can see in our store displaying 2 samples of famous movie characters like the Hulk, and Totoro. We are continuing to research to bring you more beautiful models in the future

Vehicle Omoshiroi Block: With the desire to bring customers many beautiful models, we have designed more products in the Vehicle group, which are created based on vehicles around the world such as cars. aircraft, tanks, and boats. Although the current number is limited, we hope to add more new models to this group soon.

In addition, for music lovers, we have supplied the Omoshiroi Block in the form of a piano and a Phonograph

Leave it to the stationery-loving Japanese to come up with a new way to enjoy writing notes. The Omoshiroi Calender (loosely translated as ‘fun’ or ‘interesting’ block) utilizes laser-cutting technology to create what is, at first, just a seemingly normal square cube of paper note cards. But as the note cards get used, an object begins to appear. And you’ll have to exhaust the entire deck of cards to fully excavate the hidden object.

The Omoshiroi Block – Crafting Memories in Every Note

Discover the Omoshiroi Block, a masterpiece of Japanese ingenuity. Laser-cut with precision, each note card reveals a hidden design as you use it, creating a stunning 3D structure. From iconic landmarks to magical worlds like Hogwarts Castle, our 3D memo pads redefine the art of note-taking.

Omoshiroi Calendar – A Year of Artistic Surprises

Immerse yourself in the Omoshiroi calendar, where each day brings a new piece of art to life. Elevate your planning and organization with a calendar that doubles as an artistic masterpiece, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Harry Potter Notepad – A Magical Twist to Your Notes

Step into the wizarding world with our Harry Potter notepad. As you peel away each sheet, Hogwarts Castle magically appears, making note-taking a spellbinding experience. Perfect for fans of the magical realm, this notepad is more than just stationery—it’s a journey into fantasy.

Artistic Memo Pads – Beyond Ordinary Note-Taking

Omoshiroi goes beyond the conventional with our artistic memo pads. Whether it’s the intricate design of the Great Wall of China or the elegance of a Sakura Tree House, our 3D memo pads serve as both functional tools and captivating works of art.

Omoshiroi Block – Where Function Meets Artistry

Indulge in the perfect blend of functionality and artistic expression with the Omoshiroi Block. Elevate your workspace with mesmerizing designs, turning your office into a canvas of creativity. Say goodbye to mundane note-taking and hello to a new era of inspiration.

Unlocking Creativity – The Omoshiroi 3D Memopad Experience

Experience the joy of discovery with Omoshiroi 3D memopads. As you tear away each sheet, a hidden world emerges, turning your notes into a canvas of creativity. Perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift, our memopads redefine the way you capture ideas.

Artistry in Every Detail – Omoshiroi’s Commitment to Quality

At Omoshiroi, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our products. Our 3D memo pads, including the popular Harry Potter notepad, showcase the intersection of craftsmanship and innovation. Join us in redefining the art of note-taking—one sheet at a time.

Discover the Omoshiroi Difference – Your Destination for Unique Stationery

Why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Explore the Omoshiroi difference and make your note-taking experience a work of art. From 3D memo pads to artistic notepads, we’re here to redefine the way you express yourself on paper.